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Today is the first working day of 2017, good children new year on New Year’s day, the home of the elderly will start talking about “in February two, the rise of the dragon” custom, it is said that in February the beginning of the two day the barber “good luck” and “old” meaning. Changestyles can not only in the new year with a new the weather, can make a good head, Why not?. but from this year at the beginning of February two (February 27th) and nearly two months, look at the 2017 popular what real hair wigs style, and then slowly planning up ~This hairstyle is difficult to describe the representative of super girl Chloe Moretz, said should be the embarrassing period reserved flat bangs hairstyle.I was just a super woman is left in the innocent girl, often for his bangs feel embarrassed, but accidentally the gander, brought up a fashion.In fact, this is Miss Zhong real hair wigs perennial “customer”, she seems to be particularly fond of this long to short awkward bangs, no matter what other have raised outside the Liu Hailai phase.Always thought that Bobo hair tail buckle, pear head is king, did not expect the recent neon sisters from the beginning of the epidemic – Alice tail hair.We have had just cut her hair after wake up up hair, what are the people hate the existence, then no one will want to try to roll a reverse of the tail.Every thought, after care, anti Alice’s hair like elegant little skirt like smart cute ~ see a Japanese girl in his ins hair do anti Alice hairstyle photos, and with words that his real hair wigs has a “extraordinary air sense”.Short bangs already give you recommend here to review, it was divided into two types, one is the dog bite type (choppy bangs), it’s particularly cold uneven high fashion, so by the stylist who used to show love, other.Short bangs, another is the flat short ~ is representative of Japan Mattau Yuka mannami.